General Information

Lilo is a search engine that finances social and environmental projects.
Lilo has been founded by two young engineers, Clément Le Bras and Marc Haussaire. You can find a full desciption of them in the Team section of our website. ​​They were first accompagnied while starting the company by Charlotte who was responsible for the marketting development. Now the team has grown to include more people.
Each time you use the search engine, relevant commercial links are shown.
Lilo makes profits from commercial links that come up on its search engine. 50% are forwarded to projects, 20% is used for communications, and 30% is used to pay the servers, the teams and everything else!
Lilo attributes 50% of revenues to social and environmental projects, the rest is used to promote the search engine and its operation. The amount given to the projects is shown each time a drop of water is collected!
Lilo compensates its carbon emissions via organizations it supports, whose actions focus specifically on carbon compensation.

Learn more about Lilo’s privacy policy by clicking on this link

The installation of Lilo on the browser allows you to:
- Manage your number of drops of water in a completely anonymous manner
- Install the new home page
- Protect yourself from advertisement tracking
- Optimize the Lilo search engine
Lilo only asks one thing: the authorization to change your home page.
“Manage your applications, your extensions and your themes”: Which will allow Lilo to be your new home page.
If you wish to uninstall Lilo, just go to this page. Otherwise, you can go to your settings and click on “uninstall Lilo”. Don’t forget to leave us a small comment so that Lilo can meet your expectations better and allow you to finance great social projects!

The Drops of Water

A drop of water corresponds to a point that you earn each time you display an advertisement. Once you decide to allot your drops of water to a project, Lilo transforms them into money, and makes a donation to that project.
The objectives of the drops of water are defined with the project partner in relation to its financing needs and the number of Lilo users. The more Lilo users there are, the more financing the project receives, and the greater the goal becomes.
The drops of water refer to the role of each person “adding their drop of water” to contribute to financing projects!
You collect drops of water each time you make a search with Lilo. The money linked to the drop of water is linked to the commercial links on the Lilo search engine.
The value of each drop of water depends on the value of advertisements that the users display on the Lilo search engine.
The value of the advertisements that users display on the Lilo search engine is variable. As a result, the value of the drops of water varies. We don’t truly know how much money has been generated until the objective in drops of water has been reached.
We advise you only to click on advertisement links that truly interest you!
Lilo does not allow you to collect drops of water when you are in privacy mode in Firefox or IE. Privacy mode is activated once you select the option “delete browsing history on exit”. If you wish to accumulate drops of water, you must deactivate this option. Nevertheless, you can configure your browser to be in privacy mode and accumulate drops of water by following the steps in the following link . You can recover lost drops of water by sending a message to our team.
A bell is normally displayed next to your water drop meter. Click on it and see what is displayed.
There are several possible reasons for this problem:
- you are using software that blocks advertisements (Adblock or other). To solve this problem, follow the instructions on this page.
- you are browsing in “privacy mode”.
- you have chosen the option “delete browsing history on exit”.
- you are using a computer cleaning software (Ccleaner or other) and you have chosen the option “erase the system at each restart”.

The Lilo Home Page

If you wish to return to your former home page, you have to disable Lilo homepage. Clic on the drop of water menu next to the adresse bar of your browser to disable Lilo homepage. However, if you disable Lilo homepage, you will no longer have access to the social and environmental newsfeed.
Of course! We enthusiastically welcome all your ideas! You can propose your ideas in the column, “advice? ideas?” then click on “propose an idea”.

The Lilo Search Engine

When using a search engine other than Lilo, you do not generate any money for the social projects and therefore do not accumulate any points in the form of “drops of water”.

The Project Partners

Lilo transforms your drops of water into money, then makes donations to the supported projects.
Social entrepreneurship covers the entirety of economic entrepreneurial initiatives where the principal goal is social or environmental and which reinvests the majority of its profits in this mission. You can find good references on the Wikipedia page on social entrepreneurship.
The first projects were selected by the Lilo team in relation to their socially or environmentally innovative character. We hope eventually to put a system in place where users can choose projects themselves. We are still working on this.
In priority, we select our project via our partners which allows us to guarantee their quality and reliability to Lilo users. However, if you have or know of a project that corresponds to our selection criteria, you can send us a message using the contact form on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions