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Youth Express Network

Improve social inclusion for all young people in Europe

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Youth Express Network
Social inclusion for all young people in Europe!


Youth Express Network (Y-E-N) is a European network of grass-root youth organisations. Our 30 member organisations come from 22 different European countries and work at local, regional, national and European level for the social inclusion of young people. Our main goal is to reach an inclusive society, where young people, their rights, needs and participation are recognised, valued and appreciated. The Network is legally registered in Strasbourg (France). Our Board is pan European (6 volunteers) and our Coordination Office is based in STRASBOURG, France (4 paid-staff).


Since 1993, Y-E-N organises trainings, study visits, seminars, youth exchanges etc. designed for youth/social workers and young people with fewer opportunities. Y-E-N works using non-formal education on empowerment, access to Social Rights and social inclusion of young people.

We have conducted researches on youth and social related issues and have been trying to be the voice of young people with fewer opportunities in local, regional and international institutions, either by representing them or by supporting them to create and be part of youth councils.

Our network is member of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and the Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations of the Council of Europe (COE).


For us, «Express» has two meanings:
- Expression, because we believe that youth have a lot of valuable things to say about social issues today;
- Quickly, because the idea is that if we want social change, we have to start here and now!

Our vision is founded on the values of human and social rights and the principles of non‐formal education, active participation, interculturality and needs centered. Our strategic approach addresses 3 target groups: young people with fewer opportunities, society and our network.


By giving your drops to our project, you will contribute to Y-E-N’s future activities and support youth inclusion across Europe.

In 2018, the network will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Our Lilo funds will directly finance the celebration and the activities implemented throughout this special year:
- Video testimonies from former participants, Board members, families etc. who have been involved in the Network and whose life has been impacted by Y-E-N;
- Massive Action Days following the ENTER Recommendations ( by young people from all around Europe;
- Local events by our Member organisations in 23 different countries;
- And many more (Facebook challenge, Infographics, “Draw My life”)
Our biggest challenge is to produce the videos (material, travels etc.) and that’s for what your drops will help us the most!

Help us make 2018 a memorable year for Youth and Inclusion!

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