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Providing expert volunteers in developing countries

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Improve living conditions in communities through projects in Agriculture, Water and Sanitation.

SAFAD has sent over 340 graduates to 40 different countries in the developing world since 1969.

Each year, student volunteers work with local organisations to provide training and expertise in areas such as water, soil and environmental sciences, engineering, management and health.
By the end of the year 2018, at least 4 volunteers will be involved in Water and Sanitation projects with local NGOs in Haïti, Honduras, Mexico and Laos.
All of our finances come from fundraising and charitable donations so your contribution makes a big difference.

On-going project in Laos.

July went for 6 months with Abundant Water to improve health in rural areas through sustainable promotion of Clay Pottery Water Filter. She is doing technical research on filters and support Lao staff at the workshop. She also teaches English and raises health and hygiene awareness in schools. This project directly impacts rural communities by providing access to safe water at household level. Moreover, it promotes small-scale businesses and capacity building.

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