Did you know? Lilo.org search engine allows you to finance Merry Christmas Operation. All suppports count!

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To help finance Merry Christmas Operation use Lilo !

Merry Christmas Operation

Bringing warmth to homeless people by sending them wishes and giving them gifts. Let's share a wonderful moment together!

Involve your friends and relatives to support this project


26 $
Let's write a well wish to a homeless person. Let's meet a homeless person and offer them the gift of their choice.

The money to buy the gifts comes from your drops of water. The income is generated by people using Lilo as their search engine and participating in the "Operation Merry Christmas" from December 1st to 25th.
Share this operation so we can buy the homeless as many gifts as possible this Christmas.

Link to the page: http://christmas.lilo.org/

This project has not yet published any news.

Date Amount excl tx
Mois en cours 2.2474 $ (estimation)
Reste à payer 26.9688 $
Lilo transfers the money monthly by €100 thresholds.

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