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African Impact Foundation

Developing skills for unemployed youth community members through garden development and kickstart income generation.

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African Impact Foundation works to implement long-term positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities in Africa.

African Impact Foundation

African Impact Foundation is a registered Non-Government Organisation in South Africa, UK and Zambia. We work to implement long-term positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities in Africa. Currently we have 24 projects operating in East and Southern Africa. Our commitment to ‘Educate, Enrich and Empower’ points to our main areas of focus: Education and Enrichment, Health & Nutrition, Empowering Communities, Gender Equality and Conservation Education.

The Greater Kruger region of South Africa experiences severe unemployment, poverty, and a lack of basic education. This is especially true of the youth living in the area, with 15-24 year olds making up 70% of all those unemployed in Mpumalanga.
The cycle of poor education, poverty and health issues create an environment in which communities struggle to escape. The youth in the area receive limited education from under-resourced facilities, coupled with the lack of practical experience needed to attain and retain employment ultimately limits their ability to get jobs and create a stable income. This further contributes to the unemployment in the area and an increase in poverty levels.


Our initial goal is to help these unemployed young people to sustain themselves and their families through growing vegetables to supplement their diet for self sufficiency. Once this is achieved we will seek with the young people to build their skills for income generation.
Short Term Impact: The high school graduates will be able to provide nutritious vegetables for themselves and their families as well as learning food gardening skills.
Long Term Impact: The youth will create seedling boxes and vegetables to sell for income generation and so they can start their own garden at home. These youths will be using seedlings to start their own garden at home or continue into commercial farming to maximize income generation and partner with local businesses.

Skills Training in Young People

We are currently working in partnership with a local High School who have offered us a piece of land that we have created a community garden to help local youth sustain themselves and their families and increase income generation. High School graduates will have the opportunity to learn new skills and generate small scale income for further education.

Link to the page: https://africanimpactfoundation.org/sasekile/

274 days ago

Happy Africa Foundation

photo Portia, Bhekimuzi, Taelo and Remember are now coming every two days to Sasekile Gardens to water and take care of the vegetables. On the 10th of September, they had their first harvest of beetroots and spinach. It was really rewarding for everyone, especially after tasting the beetroots which were delicious. A part of their harvest was sold to the community which allows them to get their first income.
They have also started to produce seedlings at home that will be planted at Sasekile gardens as soon as they are ready.
On the maintenance side, about forty 2L plastic bottles were planted to water deeper into the ground. On a regular basis, mulching (wood chips/dry grass) is added to prevent evaporation and keep the soil moist. This has also attracted termites but white vinegar seems to be a good repellent. Ladybugs have now settled in the gardens and are a great biological control, especially against the aphids regularly found on the tomato plants. Biodiversity in the garden has clearly increased!
We recently interviewed the gardeners and here are Portia’s responses to how she is enjoying gardening.
• Why did you join the project? Because I love agriculture and farming.
• What is your favourite part about gardening? Planting, and seeing the way they grow when they start growing.
• What is your favourite crop to grow? Beetroot, because it grows fast.
• What do you plan to do with your produce? I plan to sell it.
• What are your career aspirations? I want to be an engineer.
• One thing you have learnt from the project. To start your own business.

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