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up! international – PACT

Supporting sexually exploited boys and male sex workers

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up! international -  PACT
We care for all persons affected by violence - including boys and men

Our vision and mission

Our Vision:

We aspire to a society free of violence, where each individual can live in dignity and free of fear.

Our Mission:

- To prevent and reduce violence, and to help those affected by the consequences of violence
- To create awareness about violence and its negative impact on individuals, communities and societies.
- To highlight the problem of violence against boys and men.

The project goals

Our partner Urban Light observed high substance use issues among the boys and men they work with, and asked up! to support them in finding solutions. Together, we developed project PACT: Prevention, Treatment, Access and Care. PACT's goals are:

• Improve the quality of the lives of 500 young men engaged in commercial sex, sexually exploited boys and/or using drugs in Chiang Mai
• Raise awareness on the need to address drug use as a public health issue
• Train our partner on substance use issues and how to work with drug users

The issue

Chiang Mai is home to several hundred male sex workers. As a majority is undocumented, this may actually be a conservative estimate. Most of these boys and young men are aged between 13 and 24 and often originate from the Northern provinces of Thailand and Myanmar, migrating to Chiang Mai in search of better opportunities. Click here to learn more about young males providing sexual services in the Chiang Mai area.

Drug use is common, and the main drugs consumed are metamphetamines, “yaa baa” (translated to the “crazy pill”), glue and heroin. Drugs and alcohol use are often closely linked to men and boy’s work, and exacerbated by use within the workplace. The use of drugs is negatively impacting the lives of many boys in terms of health, risky behaviors and stigmatization and is often the prime obstacle for those who wish to exit the sex industry and/or to secure stable housing, follow skills training or find alternative employment.


• A drop-in centre, where they can hang out, take a shower, wash their clothes and sleep in a safe space.
• Night and day outreach: the team goes out several times a week to “hotspots” and entertainment areas. They provide information on medical, legal and training services, condoms, health kits, and snacks.
• Health services, medical checks, and follow-ups.
• Harm reduction material and information on safe practices and how to reduce harmful and risky consumption of drugs and alcohol.
• Individual and confidential case management and counselling.
• A confidential phone hotline
• Help in finding training, internship or alternative employment, housing, reconnecting with their families.
• Peer support groups, both for male sex workers and people who use/were using drugs.
• Awareness and training on sex work, substance use issues and human trafficking for local police using a human rights-based approach.

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