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Support community based farming and fight the industrial food system across the world

Defending and supporting small scale food producers is the best way to achieve sustainable local food systems that feed those that need it most.

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Peasant agriculture can feed the world and cool the planet. The industrial food system harms our environment, health and the climate, and robs small scale farmers of their lands.

GRAIN is a small, international non profit organisation with roots across the world

GRAIN is based in Barcelona, Spain but has its feet spread across the globe with teams based in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. GRAIN's staff in the regions work closely with local partners. Rich in this diversity, GRAIN functions as a collective, with a horizontal management system and participatory methods of decision-making, evaluation and controls. GRAIN has a legal status as an independent non-profit foundation in Barcelona, Spain, where its small coordination office is located.

GRAIN: supporting local and sustainable food systems since 1990

GRAIN's work goes back to the 1980s, when a number of activists around the world started drawing attention to the dramatic loss of seed diversity on our farms — the very cornerstone of the world's food supply. We began doing research, advocacy and lobbying work to challenge this. That work soon expanded into a larger programme and network actively collaborating with partners in the Global South.

Independant research and support farmers’ and social movements

On the research and information side, GRAIN monitors and analyses trends that are affecting farmers' and rural communities' control over agricultural biodiversity, land, local markets and the climate.
On the movement-building side, GRAIN has long been active in networking, capacity and strategy sharing, and network development among organisations and activists.
The overall goals of GRAIN are:
- to deepen public understanding of the forces shaping the global and local food systems and their impact on climate, farming and food security.
- to support farmers movements and civil society organisations in advancing towards agroecology and food sovereignty through community-controlled and climate neutral food systems.

Confront the corporate control of the food system

Our central focus is to confront the growing corporate control over our food system. We look at how expansion of agribusiness, large retail, the finance industry and others affects small-scale food producers and how it is linked to the food crisis, control over resources, geopolitics and global trade relations.
We do so through innovative research and outreach activities, and active strategy development and coalition building with the social movements involved.
Our work is currently organised around four interconnected themes
- Corporations, power and the global food system
- Food sovereignty to fight the climate crisis
- Land grabbing and land rights
- People’s control over seeds

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