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School of Future for Ivorian Children

Accessing Education for Disadvantaged Children in Ivory Coast

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We strive to ensure schooling and education to disadvantaged and jailed children in Ivory Coast

Access to school and education is hard for Ivorian children. Most of them do not receive education at home, nor attend school; 60% of families are unalphabetised so many children without tools /skills to build their future enter criminal life. Once and after jailed in dreadful conditions, they are completely abandoned, not receiving any kind of education or support to rehabilitate. They are lost generations unless they receive education through sport, school, education and social rehabilitation.
By this project and your support we strive to improve their socioeducational providing access
to school and educational support services to 400 disadvantaged children (m&f) and 100 jailed children (m&f) prisoners who shall receive education and alphabetisation actions. We also want to support reconciliation activities for jailed children with their families.

Action 1: School and Education

-School enrollment for socially disadvantaged children: We proceed by visiting the children, their families and the schools where they’ll be enrolled in order to clearly map the socio educational environment of the beneficiaries to gain confidence and have familiarity For every child necessary documentation for school enrolment will be prepared and delivered to the schools. At least on a monthly basis, the educators meet every child and their family to monitor school career, reporting on that. Particular attention will be paid to the most disadvantaged families because they are often also those where the child is most exposed to the risk of early school leaving, both voluntary and forced.

-Educational support for school-leaving risk & disadvantaged children: A free listening and homework service for supported children is set up. Weekly and upon request of the children, education staff is available for a listening, support and counseling desk. This service aims to provide a support center to listen to their problems and difficulties at school and family level and to face them together. This supports young people in their school career, and, very often,s upports them in front of families who often do not perceive the need to ensure school attendance and are completely disinterested in that, leaving kids alone, or putting pressure on them to drop school and keep them at home (in the case of girls) or in family activity (fields), thus having to give up their own independent realization.

Action 2: Alphabetisation and Reconciliation for jailed children

-Alphabetisation courses for jailed children and for disadvantaged youth: Many youngsters (adolescents/teenagers) who were unable to enroll in school have grown up unalphabetised and are relegated to the informal job market and carry out very heavy and draining jobs.Most of them come from those families who couldn’t or didn’t want have them studying. In this project we provide alphabetisation courses for almost 1200 unalphabetised people who can no longer enrol in public school, providing them with basic literacy and alphabetisation. We also organise 2 alphabétisation courses in Daloa and Bouaké jails per year. Local educators, in agreement with the direction of the jails will regularly (at least weekly) organise these courses for the minors in jail, as most of them are alphabetized and/or school dropout. The role of these edu-alphabetisers will be not just of teaching but more importantly getting to know minors, mapping their socio-educational situation, trying to understand what their perspectives will be once they exit jail.

-Reconciliation Pilot action with 10 jailed children families for their rehabilitation;
This is pilot action of recovery of the parent / child relationship and the reintegration of the minor into the family context and in their own community of origin, giving attention to the specificities of personal, environmental and relational situations. This requires working in the prison, evaluating and analyzing in detail the character, personal history and emotional profile of each young person and family mediation, working to ensure the right ‘mood’ of the family to welcome the child back on a path of active resolution of internal conflicts. This pilot action can be carried out through delicate and confidential meetings with both parties verifying the conditions of reconciliation, the availability of the family and the minor, establishing a long-lasting collaborative relationship with them This type of action represents the conditio-sine-qua-non to break the vicious circle caused by the strong tendency to abandon children to their own destiny. It is therefore essential to understand the importance of the active commitment of all parties involved, which offers concrete opportunities for a way out of a destiny that, without adequate support, appears already written.

Who we are?

CEVI - Centro di Volontariato Internazionale is an Italian NGO (1985) and carries out the following activities: a) programs and international cooperation projects in the areas of Education rural development, access to water and socio-professional training, in the following countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia b) education campaigns for school and pupils, and training programs for volunteers on Cooperation issues international and intercultural relations. CEvi is an authorised NGO by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy to carry out international cooperation activities and global education and voluntary training. CeVI has been working since 2006 in Ivory Coast, helping youth to go to school and to receive professional training. Cevi has been lead applicant of EU project FAH-SO-KAFISSA (2016-2019) and FUTURE JEUNE ET FEMMES (2018-2020) countering illegal immigration to Europe through activities of education, skills development, microcredit and sensitisation.

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