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ROLDA’s Pet Therapy For The Elderly Project

Help Lonely Senior Citizens in Romania receive the Benefits of Pet Therapy

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ROLDA wants to help Senior citizens and Rescue Animals boost each other's well-being

Who is ROLDA?

My name is Dana Costin. I established ROLDA as a charity in Romania in 2006 and 2021 is a very special year for me and this charity because we are celebrating 15 years of activity in a country where animals need us the most! ROLDA started after I rescued my first dog, Printz, who had been abandoned after suffering severe injuries consistent with illegal dog fighting. ROLDA focuses on rescuing homeless and abused animals in Galati, located in south east of Romania. ROLDA has 2 private dogs sanctuaries located in Galati with a vacancy for 650-700 dogs. Our organization is helped by skilled staff and volunteers from 3 continents and supported by generous, loyal supporters. Together, we have saved over 20,000 animals in Romania where the estimated stray population is 2.5 million.

ROLDA has also made incredible progress to prove that sterilization campaigns dramatically reduce the stray population in a humane manner. In 6 years, ROLDA's sterilization campaigns have reduced the stray population in the industrial part of Galati from 10,000 to 200.

Although ROLDA is still growing and working to expand its services to animals across all of Romania, we now have the resources to extend our help to the senior citizens of Galati, most of who subsist in poverty, loneliness, and hopelessness. ROLDA Rescue Team and I have been wanting to help these senior citizens for some years, and now that we can, we are working towards that.

Science and modern medicine have proven that humans and pets benefit greatly from one another. I personally have been experiencing these benefits for over a decade without knowing that these studies existed. Every day, I am greeted by 700 dogs from our ROLDA sanctuaries. Every time I feel depressed, upset, or disturbed, being surrounded by my dogs lifts my spirit—I feel a different energy just watching them play. But I also feel the urge to give them something back for cheering me up and making my worries go away. They need me because they have no one else. I feel special around them because they make me feel special.

Now, I want to the elderly to experience what I feel. Love and affection.

Why Does ROLDA Want To Help Senior Citizens?

I have visited several senior citizens in nearby villages who have no friends or family. They are spending their twilight years alone, struggling to live from a pension that can barely provide for their food and medication. For all, the loneliness and isolation are unbearable, and their longing for a companion is heartbreaking.

These visits brought me great sadness, but they also inspired me to help. After brainstorming with my team, we came up with an incredible solution that will not only help these senior citizens but our rescue dogs as well.

The stray dogs we rescue have also experienced crippling loneliness. Whether they were born on the streets or abandoned, a stray dog will spend his entire life alone unless rescued, experiencing hunger, neglect, and abuse until the day they die. Sadly, most of these dogs never receive an act of kindness from a stranger—they live only to suffer.

Thus, we developed the idea to bring together our rescued dogs and senior citizens so that they may build a friendship that is fulfilling and beneficial.

Does Pet Therapy Help?

There's no question that pets offer us the unconditional love and companionship we all need, but most of us are unaware of the many health benefits they provide. Research suggests that pets can boost our health and well-being, especially in senior citizens. Pet therapy uses pets or farm animals as a form of companionship to treat a number of health issues.

Mental Benefits of Pet Therapy
• Stimulates memory

Physical Benefits of Pet Therapy
• Increase exercise
• Lowers blood pressure
• Reduces stress

Emotional Benefits of Pet Therapy
• Increases self-esteem
• Increases in social interaction
• Reduces loneliness
• Reduces depression
• Reduces anxiety

Pets and farm animals have an incredible ability to encourage and motivate seniors to stay healthy, be social, and feel livelier.

Pet Therapy For ALL Senior Citizens in Galati, Romania

ROLDA currently offers pet therapy to the elderly by bringing rescue dogs to their home. Unfortunately, not all landlords are accepting of pets, limiting our visits to pet-friendly homes. This means hundreds of senior citizens don't have access to our pet therapy program. However, ROLDA 's biggest ever project is PawzUp Center, a multi-functional center that will include a space specifically designed to offer pet therapy sessions.

With Lilo, you will help make pet therapy available to all senior citizens in the impoverished region of Galati, Romania.

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