Your privacy

How does Lilo act to respect your privacy?

Lilo doesn’t collect any of your personal data nor research data.

Lilo doesn’t place any  tracking cookies for the purpose of selling data to third parties.

The cookies placed are those that are strictly necessary for the features of Lilo (your preferences, your drops of water, the language to be used, etc.)to function properly. If you got to Lilo via a partner (a partner organization, a website), cookies allow us to get  the information needed to award the partner fairly.

Lilo hosts its own analytical statistics tool, named Piwik. Lilo does not use Google Analytics which is commonly used by other websites. These statistics are necessary as they tell us how many visitors have reached Lilo’s website.

Piwik is set up without the use of cookies and with anonymous IP adresses (the first 2 octects) in accordance with the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty’s (CNIL) recommendation. (The CNIL is an independent french administrative body that operates in accordance with the french data protection legislation. The independence of the CNIL is guaranteed on account of its composition and organisation.)

On Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, Lilo sends “do not track” messages to alert the website you are visiting that you do not want to be tracked.

On Chrome only, you can desactivate ad tracking. Lilo activates this option automatically through Lilo’s extension.

What data is used by Lilo in its extensions?

Lilo needs your authorization to have access to your browsing history  in order to display favorites on the homepage. The information in your browser’s history is never sent to Lilo’s servers.

To display the favorites and to protect against ad tracking, the extension needs to get your permission to access the websites you visit, in order to display a screenshot on Lilo’s homepage and to prevent ad cookies. Please note that the screenshot doesn’t go through Lilo’s servers.

Lilo’s extension allows you to set Lilo as your default search engine and to use the Lilo home page on your browser (These features can both be disactivated anytime).

Which data are collected by third party algorithms used by Lilo?

At this time, Lilo doesn’t host its own search algorithm. Lilo uses algorithms created by third parties (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing). Those algorithms might have access to your IP adress and your browser version. They can also place ad cookies. If you were to use one of those search engines, it would also be the case. Moreover, the protection against ad tracking provided by Lilo (do not track or the disabling of ad tracking) helps prevent potential tracking by companies that commercialize those search algorithms.

What is the privacy policy related to ‘Lilo solidarity purchase’?

The Lilo purchase extension displays a banner while browsing partner merchants website, and logs you in to your Lilo account, so that the participation of the merchants will be given back to you through waterdrops. Following the display of the banner and your approval before each purchase, the following operations take place:
- Tracking the purchase through your browsing so that the amounts given by the merchants are given back to you through waterdrops. This tracking is not managed by Lilo directly and uses cookies or similar technologies.
- Registration of your purchase in your Lilo account and redistribution of waterdrops (Lilo does not keep the details of your purchases. Only the total amount of each purchase and the merchant are registered in your Lilo account. For you knowledge, you can delete your Lilo account at any time).
Lilo Solidarity Purchase is only available in France

With Lilo, Am I 100% sure that my privacy is respected?

Even though we’re doing our best, we don’t have the legal ability nor the technical ability to respect your privacy at 100% percent on the internet.
If that is what you’re looking for while using our search engine, we recommend that you use more complex tools such as Tor software that anonymizes your internet navigation.

While installing Lilo on Chrome, the popup “Add” is displayed. What does it mean?

“Read and change all your data on the websites you visit”
> Allows displaying images of your favorites on the homepage.
> Allows protection against advertising tracking by supressing advertisement cookies and sending “do not track” notices to websites visited.

“Read and change your browsing history”
> Allows managing the display of your favorites on the homepage.

“Communicate with cooperating websites”
> Allows the extension to share the list of the favorites to be displayed on the homepage.

“Manage your apps, extensions, and themes ”
>Allows Lilo’s extension to enable or disable the extensions “Lilo search” (default search engine) and “Lilo Tab” ( default homepage).

Optional account signin

When you register with a user account, you provide us with your email address. This information is kept on our servers. It is only used by Lilo to link the identified user account to its number of drops of water, as well as its associated preferences (choice of language on Lilo, display of favorites, Lilo’s news, privacy preferences or search engine preferences.)
Your e-mail address is not used in any other way by our services, it is not resold or transmitted to third parties; We do not send e-mails to Internet users for commercial or other purposes. Under no circumstances will this address be associated with your browsing information.
You can delete your account and the associated email address from Lilo’s preferences> My Account tab.