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Poussières de Vie (PdV)

Ensuring lasting change for Vietnamese children in need through education, sports and personal development.

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Poussières de Vie (PdV)

What is PdV?

Poussières de Vie (PdV), French for ‘Dust of Life', is the translation of a Vietnamese phrase describing street children. Made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, PdV is an independent, values-based non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization operating in Vietnam. Our objective is to help disadvantaged children and young people by bringing them back to school, teaching them a trade and helping with their personal development. We run projects in Ho Chi Minh City and Kon Tum province in the central highlands of Vietnam.

PdV main projects count, among other, two charity schools ("PointCom"), one sports center ("PointSport"), and a hospitality vocational training center (Hnam Chang Ngeh).

Our overall aim is to support the societal integration of the children and provide them with the tools to build a better future for themselves and their families.

In order to ensure the success of our various initiatives, PdV organizes fundraising events and works with corporate partners. We firmly believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagement is a win-win for all actors.

Origins of PdV

Founded in 2002 by Patrick Désir and Olivier Petiot, two Frenchmen with vietnamese origins, PdV’s projects have since helped thousands of children. “We want to help street children in Ho Chi Minh City and minorities in the central highlands by giving them the means to support themselves and their families - not by begging but by going back to school or learning a trade,” Patrick says.

The PdV project took shape upon Patrick's return to Vietnam in 1998. He was confronted with the harsh reality of children working in the street in which he was living with his family. Children of the same age as his four own. He had to do something to help: PdV was born!

PdV Objectives

PdV's overall objective is to support the societal integration of children in need and provide them with the tools to build a better future for themselves and their families.

We do so through a number of projects in 2 locations:


- POINTCOM Phan Huy Ich – Primary school in Tan Binh District
- POINTSPORT – Sports centre in District 11
- POINT SANDWICH & POINT DELIVERY - Micro businesses to further professional integration

In Kon Tum, in the central highlands:

- HNAM CHANG NGEH, Hospitality School
- KONTUM POINTCOM – Primary & Middle School
- POINT BAFA - Training local youth to become animation leaders in the local orphanages (Vinh Son)
- ECO-HOMESTAY PROJECT - Eco tourism homestay in Kon Ko Tu village to support the village’s inhabitants
- POINT DISPENSAIRE – Health Service at the Vinh Son
- HANDICRAFT – Promote local craftmanship
- FARMING – Develop traditional agriculture methods

How will LILO support PdV?

With the help of the funds collected via Lilo, PdV will focus on further developing our educational projects:
- Our PointCom schools by buying new stationary, renovating the buildings, and participating in organizing the annual Christmas celebration;
- Our vocational hospitality training school - "Hnam Chang Ngeh" (House of Hope in Bahnar) - in Kon Tum by allowing additional young students from among the local minorities to join the 6-month long training period, followed by a 5-month internship with one of our partner institutions and then, a permanent job in the hospitality industry

AND, if we manage to raise enough funds, we would love to expand our business incubator projects (PointDelivery, PointSandwich, HandiCraft, Eco-Homestay...) providing new perspectives for young people in need!

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