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Empower the refugee community through online English tutoring

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Opportutoring strives to empower the refugee community through online language classes to have them reach fluency or pass an international English qualification (TOEFL, IELTS) in order for them to find work in their host country and hope for a better future.

The Organization

Opportutoring is part of a non-for-profit organisation which relies on motivated and talented students from McGill University to provide high quality teaching to the refugee community. We usually pair a student with four tutors in order for the student to have between 6 and 8 hours of tutoring per week. A specialised curriculum is provided to help the tutors give the classes. Nevertheless, the curriculum is just the pillar of the teaching, meaning that each lesson is adapted to the student's needs and goals. Indeed, while some of our students would like to be prepared for an English proficiency exam, others would like to focus on conversational skills for their daily lives in their country of relocation.
We do our best to keep our curriculum flexible to take into consideration the difficulties our students went through in life. We organize weekly meetings with the executive team in order to make sure the project is running smoothly in all its aspects.

How did Opportutoring start?

This project was founded 2 years ago by 2 McGill students wanting to make a change and to create a positive response to the refugee crisis in Syria, and, more generally, in the world.

What we strive for

Our goal is to ensure that the maximum amount of students can reach a level of English where they will be able to communicate properly and enter the workforce or a university of their host country.

Thanks to you, Opportutoring will be able to have a bigger impact!

Our students are all eager to learn and to succeed. However, as our lessons are run through Skype, students need a computer, which not everyone who contacts us has. We would like to buy second-hand computers to the refugees centers so that they could benefit from our lessons. Indeed, one of our students does all of his work on his phone, as he does not have a computer, which makes his learning harder. We would like to make the learning as easy as possible by trying to give refugee students the same tools as ordinary students. Hence, your investments will be used to provide our students with the necessary learning tools such as a computer.
We receive messages everyday from refugees who wish to have access to English tutoring. For us to be able to answer to their needs, we need the word about us to spread to involve as many people as possible. For that, we would like to increase our presence on social media and have a fully running website page. Additionally, as our tutors are volunteers, we also would like to organize events to recognize their work and thank them. Your investments will contribute to the organization of these events and to the training sessions of our new tutors.

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