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Let's school the underprivileged children of the city of Kep in Cambodia!

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KEPCHILDREN permet l'accès à l'éducation pour les familles les plus démunies de la ville de Kep, au Cambodge.

Allez à l'école dans les meilleures conditions

KEPCHILDREN enables underprivileged children in the city of Kep, Cambodia, to attend regular schooling through comprehensive social assistance. The association takes care of school material, uniforms, food, school transport, private lessons, medical expenses, housing and also provides social support to the families. The older children (from 6 years old) attend the Cambodian public school in Kep, with which KEPCHILDREN works in partnership; and the youngest (from 3 to 6 years old) are welcomed in the morning by a Khmer animator. In the afternoon, they go to the associative kindergarten in Kep.

De la décharge au banc de l'école

KEPCHILDREN was founded in 2012. After several years in contact with the families and inhabitants of Kep, Florian, Fabienne, Aurélie, Khet and Anne-Sophie, the founders of the association, made a statement. Many children are not yet in school and spend their day in the rubbish dump of Kep collecting cans to get money. School is certainly free in Cambodia, but the families don't have enough money to pay for school materials, uniforms, exams... They also don't have any means of transport to take their children to school and the precariousness pushes families to send their children to work to support themselves. Touched by the problems encountered, the founders therefore decided to act at their level and to create the association KEPCHILDREN.

Sortir de son déterminisme social

The primary goal of KEPCHILDREN is to provide access to education for all. Through this, the association wishes to improve the standard of living and quality of life of disadvantaged children in the city of Kep in order to bring them out of exclusion and thus overcome social determinism. KEPCHILDREN therefore aims to accompany children towards higher education so that they can access better jobs and increase their resources. The aim is also to financially and socially empower the families of the association.

Des gouttes pour une prise en charge globale des enfants

The collection on Lilo will support the daily care of the children: financing of school material, uniforms, food (rice every month, canteen), health care and transport to school (tuk tuk for kindergartens and bicycle for children from 6 years old).

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