Lilo for private life

Lilo takes concrete steps to respect the privacy of its users.
Indeed today, numerous services on the internet try to make money by reselling the personal information of users, which finances free services, but the user is not always warned, nor consensual.This is what we call advertisement tracking or being followed by advertisements.
Yet French law protects users and gives them the right to refuse being followed. But how is that law enforced?

Lilo collects no information and protects you from advertisement tracking

At Lilo we believe that transparency permits trust, which is why we tell you everything!

To start, Lilo evidently doesn't collect any of your information

This means that your searches will always remain private. On the other hand, we do need to know frequentation statistics, in order to know how many people use Lilo. For this, we use the only software recommended by the CNIL, called Piwic, and we configure it to conform to their recommendations. You are able to unsubscribe from this tool by clicking here . Finally, in order to know when a user downloads Lilo from a partner site (engaged website, association, social project, …), we use a session cookie which allows us to save this information, then this cookie disappears after several hours.
Now that you know everything about Lilo you can see that Lilo goes much farther and makes sure the law that allows you to not be tracked on the internet is respected.

With Lilo, you protect your privacy while browsing the internet

As explained above, we have seen that the law protects users by allowing them to unsubscribe from advertising agencies which track during browsing. But how do we ensure this law is respected?
With Lilo its very simple because its: automatic!
As of the moment you download Lilo onto your browser, Lilo legally unsubscribes you from advertisement tracking from all the advertisement agencies that we know of. You are therefore protected, and after having done nothing but used Lilo. Small detail, Lilo is still young and this function is only available on the Chrome browser (and in part on Firefox) for the time being. We are improving this technology every day and will soon put it in place on all browsers…
But doesn't Lilo use Google? Then how can you protect my personal information?Yes, for the moment Lilo uses Google search results, and we cannot control information collected by them. However, all legal steps are in place so that no piece of information can be collected. In any case, remember: if some search engines guarantee the protection of your privacy, if they display advertisements, there is a large chance that your information can be collected…
There! We hope that these explanations are clear! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions :)
See you soon on Lilo, Marc, Lilo technician.

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