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Help exceptional children (autism, trisomy, polyhandicap) to learn and progress while having fun thanks to a interactive robot

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Using technology to help exceptional children to live normal lives, this is Leka’s mission, as it develops the Moti robotic toy for autistic children.


In France, 160,000 children are diagnosed with autism, but only 25,000 have places in specialized centers. Otherwise, very few tools or adapted games exist for these children.

Leka, the start-up company has created Moti, a robotic toy for children with autism. The sensitive nature of the robot aims to trigger interactions and a color code allows children to understand that their movements have an impact on their environment. The ‘smart-toy’ is also unbreakable!

Autistic children, their families and professionals in the medico-social sector are very involved with the development of this project. The robot has been tested by some children and the comments of families and professionals have guided the elaboration of Moti.

The first impact of Moti will be medical. The robot helps develop the child’s self-control, reduces his or her anxiety, and thus facilitates communication with those around him or her.

Moti should be commercialized in mid-2016..


Through its participative undertaking, this project creates links between families. It reminds that autistic children have the right to attractive and performing toys just like all other children. Beyond its positive medical effect on the children, Moti aims to change generally held views on autism and create well-being for families.

Interest in this project has been recognized. Leka won the prize ‘Coup de Coeur du Public’ in 2012 at the French final of the Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC), a competition dedicated to the recognition of social impact.

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01/07/2017 173.0498 $
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02/05/2017 175.2972 $
24/01/2017 112.37 $
05/04/2016 337.11 $
28/09/2015 1011.33 $
08/08/2015 786.59 $
28/02/2019 275.3065 $ (to come up)
31/03/2019 248.3377 $ (to come up)
30/04/2019 270.8117 $ (to come up)
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