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Homeless World Cup

Inspiring homeless people to change their lives through team sport.

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Do small things. If we all do something small, we’ll change the world.

The Homeless World Cup is made up of

Our Foundation, works with National Partners and other institutions to research and share good practices related to facing the challenges of homelessness, measures the impact of our programmes, develops policy recommendations, and acts as a global advocate for those who lack a voice: the homeless and socially disadvantaged;

Our annual Homeless World Cup tournament, an aspirational event that showcases the remarkable work of our National Partners on an international stage; and

The Supporters Club has been created to encourage global support from both individuals purchasing memberships and corporate sponsorship investment. The Supporters Club will become a hub for our global community and the platform to communicate the impact that the annual tournament has on homeless people and the projects that are delivered by our international partners.

Origin of the project

Homelessness can force people into isolation, which affects their ability to share, communicate their thoughts, and work with others.
When a homeless person gets involved in football, they build relationships; they become teammates who learn to trust and share. They have a responsibility to attend training sessions and games, to be on time, and to be prepared to participate. They feel that they are part of something larger than themselves.
The sense of empowerment that comes from participating in street football helps homeless people see that they can change their lives; and our National Partner organisations give them the tools they need to do just that.

Objectives of our project

We envision a world where anyone and everyone who is or becomes homeless can gain access to one of our National Partners’ transformative programmes. Our mission is to inspire homeless people to change their lives through the power of football.
We operate through a network of more than 70 National Partners to support football programmes and social enterprise development. We provide a focus for—and celebration of—their year-round activity by organising and delivering an annual, world-class, international football tournament for national teams of homeless men and women.

Link to the page: www.homelessworldcup.org

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