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Elephant Haven Europe

Offering elephants a place to retire, thinking along and contributing to a world of respect and protection for elephants and their habitat.

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Offering elephants a place to retire, the resocialization and rehabilitation of elephants, providing information and researching elephants and their complex needs and behaviors. and thinking along and contributing to a world of respect and protection for elephants and their habitat.

Elephant Haven European Elephant Sanctuary in France

Elephant Haven is an non profit organisation based on a 29ha land in the Limousin at Bussière Galant, France
More and more countries in Europe are banning wild animals in circuses.
There are more than 100 elephants in circuses in Europe.
Where to place them? We want to help because relocating them back to their country of origin is not always possible, creating a safe "Haven" for them is possible.

Creation of the first elephant sanctuary in Europe

After working more then 20 years as zookeepers in Antwerp , Belgium (Tony 14years with elephants)
Tony and Sofie realised a retirement home for elephants in Europe is very needed.
There are currently more than 100 elephants in circuses across Europe. With a ban on elephants in circuses currently sweeping throughout Europe, finding a solution for these gentle giants is vital. Relocating them back to their country of origin is not always a realistic option but creating a safe haven for them in Europe is.

Offering older elephants a safe haven for life

A haven, a refuge, a safe place where elephants can enjoy a natural habitat and "be elephants" again. A haven where they will receive any medical care they might need, and be accompanied in a positive and respectful way, in full awareness of their social, psychological and physical needs.

Construction of the elephantbarn

Before we can recieve the first elephants Elephant haven needs to build the first barn and fence the first 4 hectares.
Elephant Haven will build heated living quarters in which there are interior stables and access to large outdoor paddocks and the outdoor area. These stables will always be accessible to the elephants.
Phase 1: a conversion from an existing open stable to a barn suitable for maximum 3 elephants. Fence the first four hectares + night paddock for the elephants.
Phase 2: Walking path & lookout platform
Phase 3: Construction of second barn, of the education centre and the multipurpose space

Link to the page: http://www.elephanthaven.com/en/

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