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The Oasis project of Colibris

Build an environmentally friendly society

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“Henceforth, the highest, most beautiful action that humanity must undertake will be to respond to its vital needs with the most simple and healthy means. Cultivating a garden or giving oneself to any creative autonomic activity will be considered as a political act, an act of legitimate resistance to dependence and to the enslavement of the human being.” Pierre Rabhi

Created in 2007 under the drive of Pierre Rabhi, Colibris works towards the construction of an ecological and human society. The association places personal change at the heart of the reason for its existence, convinced that the transformation of society is completely subordinate to human change. Colibris has given itself the mission of inspiring, joining and supporting citizens engaged in a measure of individual and collective transition.

After having led its campaign, “the Revolution of the Colibris” around 5 thematics, Colibris will support the creation of places which embody the values that are dear to us.
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In the country, as in the city, there presently are solutions – and others emerging, which offer resources and inspiration to build new places for living, where each person can address his or her appropriate needs and, on a larger scale, contribute to addressing the needs of their territory. Colibris has engaged in a vast project to structure an Oasis network in rural and urban areas: shared eco-habitat, eco-hamlet, eco-neighborhood, eco-village, commune engaged in a transition…

Imagine if in 5 years, each citizen lived less than 20 km from an eco-neighbourhood or a place of ecological healing. This oasis would be a catalyst for the deep transformation of our society.

In 2015, we expect to put numerous places that exist into the network, as well as to accompany numerous projects which are being created, to co-edit a reference work on “living-together” with Kaizen and to lead a national campaign alongside local elected officials. Thus we will facilitate the emergence of ecological lifestyles across all territories, which will show that another type of society is possible.

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