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Empower Generation

We empower women to power the world!

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Empower Generation
We provide women with technical training and support to establish and grow clean energy businesses and facilitate loans for their customers.

Our Mission

Empower Generation seeds and supports women-led enterprises serving the energy poor.
We envision a world where women lead the clean energy revolution, reducing deforestation and the use of fossil fuels.
The EmpowerGrid, a network of rural entrepreneurs, enables clean energy technology suppliers access to remote markets where their products are in highest demand.

Our History

Anya was looking to offer sustainable employment to women otherwise vulnerable to slavery while Bennett was thinking about how to enable the widespread adoption of clean energy in developing countries.

When Anya and Bennett met Sita in Nepal, together they identified a tremendous opportunity to create gender and energy paradigm shifts by empowering women to become clean energy entrepreneurs.

How We Work

1) Impact Lenders and Clean Energy Suppliers

Empower Generation’s work is powered by:
Impact Lenders who provide capital for our Clean Energy Funds and Women’s Entrepreneur Funds.
Clean Energy Technology Suppliers who provide quality products designed to meet the needs of the energy poor.

2) Clean Energy Fund and Women’s Entrepreneur Fund

We create markets for clean energy products that can dramatically improve lives. To finance these markets we start:
Clean Energy Funds that give low-interest loans for the purchase and repair of clean energy products. We also organise community outreach events to raise awareness about the benefits of adopting clean energy.
Women’s Entrepreneur Fund that gives low-interest start-up loans to support our clean energy businesses as they grow and become profitable. Empower Generation administers these loans to ensure repayment.
It’s a virtuous cycle! When loans are repaid, we start a new enterprise or provide credit to a new community.

3) Community Banking Cooperatives and Women Entrepreneurs

Clean Energy Funds are administered by local savings and credit cooperatives with a reliable microfinance track record.
Empower Generation mentors women-leaders as they write a business plan, pick clean energy products that fit the needs of their market, develop their brand and launch their business. We provide additional ongoing resources, such as workforce training and marketing support.

4) Energised Consumers

The result: energy-poor consumers qualify for low-interest loans that they use to buy clean energy technology from their local woman entrepreneur.
The technology is bright, efficient and can be serviced locally. It replaces expensive and dangerous kerosene, firewood, and disposable torchlights – making an enormous positive impact on consumers’ health and prosperity.

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