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Develop a free and humanitarian operating system based on GNU/Linux, to fight the digital divide and the planned obsolescence.

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Free and humanitarian operating system for used computers, encouraging the discovery of GNU/Linux, while reducing the environmental impact.

The Emmabuntüs collective

The Emmabuntüs collective is an informal group of persons which was formed in 2011 around the eponymous distribution project based on GNU/Linux.
This distribution was developed to ease the refurbishing of used computers donated to humanitarian associations, originally to the Emmaüs Communities (hence its name). This system is suitable for all users, ranging from beginners to computer experts, and addresses two other issues : promote the GNU/Linux discovery and expand the life of aging computer hardware to limit the waste induced by the over-consumption of raw material.

Emmabuntüs, an all-in-one GNU/Linux distribution ...

Emmabuntüs is a desktop computer type of distribution, easily accessible and ready to use. It was first based on the Long Term Support versions of Ubuntu, and is now based on Debian Stable. It is accessible for beginners and, since it uses relatively few hardware resources, can be installed on old computers which were previously running Windows XP, Vista or 7. It includes numerous modern programs ready-to-use for a casual use at home, procedures to easily install non-free software and multimedia codecs, as well a set of scripts to perform quickly and automatically the installation without the need for an Internet access (off-line). In addition, this distribution is available in the following languages : Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Emmabuntüs and the associative network …

Since 2012, Emmabuntüs developed a close cooperation with the Jerry Do-It-Together projects. Jerry is an open source computer assembled in a plastic-tank with recycled electronic components. This collaboration was extended when the Ivory Coast JerryClan community adopted the Emmabuntüs distribution to run their Jerrys. Using the Jerry/Emmabuntüs platform they were able generate new interesting projects :

- JerryTub, a health service, based on SMS transmission, to enable the medical follow-up of the tuberculosis patients
- m-Pregnancy, also based on SMS, to perform the monitoring of pregnant women.
- OpenDjeliba, a collaborative platform producing shared citizen information. This project won in 2014 the best ICT project prize during the second international francophone forum for young people and green jobs, which took place in Niger.
- GBATA, a mobile platform for real estate information, functioning also with SMS. In July 2015 this project arrived in the first place of the “Mobile Applications” category during the “Best Ict Talents and Local Content” contest in Ivory Coast.

This collaboration triggered the development of numerous other projects with the JerryClan Ivoity Cost, Ayiyikoh, JMSI, Allô Docteur PC, BabyLab, as well as with the JerryClan in Chad, and in Benin, the SenFabLab in Senegal, the Blolab laboratory in Benin and the RAP2S association.

Emmabuntüs is also used by the JerryCyber project, developed within the Ayiyikoh Incubator. This project aims at providing computer and Internet access to all the FabLab members as well as to everyone else. The Ayiyikoh Incubator team won the best application prize during the Africa Web Festival 2015, with the project GBAME implemented on a Jerry computer under Emmabuntüs.

In Europe, the Emmabuntüs collective is directly involved in the computer refurbishing tasks within the Emmaüs communities, and is collaborating with various local associations like “The PC de l'Espoir”, “Trira” (sorting, recycling), “THOT”, “Générations Solidaires Val-d'Oise”, “Eisenia”, and “e-nexus”.
The collective works also closely with associations promoting the free software like “Montpel’libre”, “Infothema”, “EPN de Durbuy” (Belgium) and the “Société d'Histoire Saint-George & Dalayrac” for the promotion of the free culture.
And the list keeps growing.

Since year 2013, the Montpel’libre association helps directly the Emmaüs community in Montpellier, by proposing presentation and sales support for systems running Emmabuntüs, every second Saturday of each month.

Since end of year 2015, in Normandy, the associations “Ailleurs Solidaires” (Solidarity Abroad) and “CaLviX“ install Emmabuntüs on used portable computers, which are then shipped to Nepal and donated to the Akashganga International Academy (high school of disadvantaged children in Kathmandu) and to the DSA (center looking after and educating disabled children, among the most disadvantaged in Nepal).

Since March 2016, the Emmabuntüs collective started a new collaboration with the YovoTogo and JUMP Lab'Orione associations in order to help them deploying and using computers under Emmabuntüs in the Savannah region of North Togo. As of December 2018, this area is equipped with 17 computer rooms, accommodating a total of 400 computers running the GNU/Linux Emmabuntüs system, enhanced by some free culture content : books in the ePub format, the children encyclopedia Vikidia, and a complete snapshot of Wikipedia.

Finally, and since March 2015, Emmabuntüs also equipped 18 kindergartens an primary schools in the Paris area.

Emmabuntüs is more than a GNU/Linux distribution …

The Emmabuntüs collective involvement for solidarity actions is very well known. Several schools and associations benefit already from refurbished computers. But we want to help them more directly.

Emmabuntüs uses now Lilo as its default search engine.

And two main factors triggered this decision :
- the actions taken by the search engine to respect the privacy of the web users ;
- the redistribution to some associations of more than 50% of the advertising incomes.

This money will be entirely given back to our partners below, in order to support their humanitarian and environmental projects.

- YovoTogo & JUMP Lab'Orione to further develop their computer training classes in the Savannah region of North Togo, and now, with the collaboration of the Humanitarian Prosthetics & Orthotics association, to setup the first FabLab-OrthoLab in North Togo embedded in the Regional Center of Technical Education and Professional Training of Dapaong. This center will be dedicated to social innovations and oriented toward the responsible digital technologies as well as the local sustainable development. On this site, a 3D additive printing technology, based on free software, will allow the creation of prosthesis for disabled persons. The collected money will be used to buy :

- one 3D printer together with the necessary consumables to make it fully operational (PLA, PET-G, ABS, Flexible etc.) ;
- some equipment to improve the environment of the existing workshops : sewing, electronic, documentation, etc. ;
- some used computer equipment also to do the maintenance in the existing computer rooms ;
- some photocopiers.

- Montpel'libre, is a “Free Software Users Group” in the Montpellier area, which conducts free software awareness workshops in this region, and in particular within the Emmaüs community of Montpellier.
Montpel'libre wishes to open rooms for training, awareness and initiation to learn and use tools and free software. Training rooms for teaching the Scratch programming language, for initiation on, and development with, open source tools and hardware, for talking about the hardware and software planned obsolescence, by raising awareness on how to replace defective hardware parts by recycling others, or running Jerry Parties, and also substitute incumbent software by free operating systems and applications.
And finally start addressing the Green IT question.

This is currently a short list, but we hope to be able soon to extend it to other partners, thanks to your growing participation on the Lilo platform.

Lien du site:

11 days ago

Transfert de la salle informatique au C.R.E.T.F.P.

photo Nos amis de JUMP Lab Orione nous informent que la salle informatique du CRETFP équipée par nos amis de YovoTogo sera désormais disponible pour les 3 professeurs d'informatique du CRETFP pour former les 1600 élèves de cet établissement scolaire.

56 days ago

Yves, the journey of a humanist.

photo Nice interview with our friend Yves, volunteer since 2012 at Emmabuntüs working in the Emmaüs community of Villers-les-Pots

56 days ago

Yves, le cheminement d’un humaniste

photo Belle interview de notre ami Yves, bénévole depuis 2012 chez Emmabuntüs œuvrant au sein de la communauté Emmaüs de Villers-les-Pots

66 days ago

Le 1er mars 2021, EmmaDE3 1.04 plus libre !

photo Nouvelle Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 1.04 basée sur Debian 10.8 avec la suppression de nombre de logiciels propriétaires au profit d’alternatives libres.

66 days ago

On March 1st 2021, EmmaDE3 1.04 gets even more freedom !

photo New Emmabuntüs 3 1.04 based on Debian 10.8 gets even more freedom !

71 days ago

8ème envoie de matériel au Togo

photo Un record cette année en matière d’ordinateurs reconditionnés envoyés vers notre partenaire Togolais "Jump Lab Orione" mais aussi et surtout un beau travail collectif rendu possible grâce à vos soutiens et la collecte de toutes vos gouttes

97 days ago

Mise en carton de l'informatique par YovoTogo

photo La mission des semaines à venir consiste à conditionner ces matériels en cartons en vue du prochain container.

110 days ago

Poursuite du projet informatique de YovoTogo

photo Poursuite du projet informatique et préparation du prochain lot destiné à équiper des salles dans les lycées et collèges du nord Togo

125 days ago

EmmaDE4 ready for internationalization!

photo New Emmabuntüs 4 Alpha 2 based on Debian 11 Alpha 3 with Xfce 4.16 and the unification of Emmabuntüs menu translations.

125 days ago

EmmaDE4 prête pour l’international !

photo Nouvelle Emmabuntüs 4 Alpha 2 basée sur Debian 11 Alpha 3 avec Xfce 4.16 et l’unification des traductions de menus d’Emmabuntüs.

137 days ago

Blabla Linux vous offre une clé magique de réemploi !

photo La magie de Noël s’est installée et il semble que nous ayons trouvé le père Noël chez Blabla Linux ! En effet, notre ami Amaury propose d’offrir deux clés USB magiques de réemploi par le biais d’un petit concours tout simple

151 days ago

La clé magique à l’apéro des papas manchots

photo Nos amis Amaury et Arpinux invités à l’apéro des papas manchots pour parler de notre campagne de réemploi, de Linux, et de beaucoup d'autre chose ;)

157 days ago

Vidéos des présentations faites à la SERD

photo Vidéos des présentations faites à la Semaine Européenne de Réduction des Déchets (SERD) réalisées par notre ami Blabla Linux.

169 days ago

Présentations-débats sur Internet « Campagne de réemploi d’ordinateurs : ou comment ressusciter...

photo Visioconférences sur Internet vendredi 27 et samedi 28 novembre à partir de 18h00 sur le réemploi d'ordinateurs avec Emmabuntüs, Debian-Facile, YovoTogo, BlablaLinux, et

171 days ago

In 2020, 20 rooms filled with 20 computers in Togo

photo Inauguration of 3 new rooms in Togo by our friends from JUMP Lab'Orione and YovoTogo.

171 days ago

20 salles de 20 ordinateurs en 2020 au Togo

photo Inauguration de 3 nouvelles salles au Togo par nos amis de JUMP Lab'Orione et YovoTogo.

179 days ago

EmmaDE3 1.03 focuses on the reuse for all !

photo New Emmabuntüs 3 1.03 based on Debian 10.6 with OEM installation functionality.

179 days ago

EmmaDE3 1.03 axée sur le réemploi pour tous !

photo Nouvelle Emmabuntüs 3 1.03 basée sur Debian 10.6 avec une fonctionnalité d'installation OEM.

188 days ago

Nouveautés de l'Emmabuntüs DE3 1.03

photo Vidéo sur les nouveautés de l'Emmabuntüs DE3 1.03 réalisée par notre ami Amaury.

196 days ago

arp, an utopian within Debian-Facile

photo Nice interview with our friend arpinux, the developer of HandyLinux, DFiso, founder and editor-in-chief of ‘Beginner's Notebooks‘ on Debian ...

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