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Improve the availability of a quality education globally, through the open publication of quality web solutions

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The Chamilo Association

The Chamilo Association coordinates the different actors of the Chamilo Community and manages with the promotion of the availability of Chamilo for all, for free. It's board of directors is composed of 7 volunteers elected every two years, who deal with the regular organization of events (online or in-person), in Europe and Latin America until now, to explain to the general public the advantages of using an easy-to-use free software as the basis for the distribution of a high quality education.
6 years into the project, more than 13M users have already benefitted from the Chamilo platform in more than 180 countries.


The Chamilo project was born on the 18th of January 2010 as a fork of another e-learning platform, with the objective to ensure the sustainability of the “free” aspect of the project. The Chamilo Association was born a few months later. The members and actors of the Chamilo project always put forth their desire to offer a “free” educational platform, for all the meanings of that word.


Our objetive is to bring a valuable contribution to the improvement of a quality education globally. It is our hope that, through a free and easy-to-use platform, we will convince teachers and educators to use the technology as support to their own teaching methodology.
Although it is a web platform, striving in connected environment, Chamilo can also be used in decentralized and disconnected environments. It has been successfully tested as educational server on the Raspberry Pi, small devices the size of a cigarettes box, that use very little energy and allow full use through mobile devices or Pcs connected to it.


Thanks to the availability of new funds, we hope to increase the promotion of our project and reach more people for which this project can help, all around the globe.
This means taking over professional translation work for new languages (as was the case with Tagalog and Quechua), the launch of free online courses and the development of new features focused on communities with lower resources.

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