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Association ELI-S

Know and understand to better protect humpback whales and their environment.

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Association ELI-S

Notre cause

Association ELI-S – Who are we ?

Association ELI-S has the objective to promote, transmit and develop science (and sport) for all audiences through two sections: ELI-Sport and ELI-Scientific. Association ELI-S has a branch in France – association loi 1901 (2013) and Australia – Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (2020).
Save whales

Objective 1 : Improve animal welfare
Our project’s objective is to preserve humpback whales’ critical habitat by: 1) decreasing trash in the environment (clean-ups and development of eco-sustainable products); 2) offering baseline information for decision makers to identify and protect critical habitats; 3) raising awareness of fishermen regarding their impact on ecosystems, and promoting sustainable fishing / eco-tourism activities. We submit yearly our report to the Ministry of Environment, offer information sessions to fishermen, and develop a network with local communities. In 2020, we collected about 350 kg of trash during four clean-up sessions.

Objective 2 : Education of public and training
Our project’s objective is to raise awareness amongst local communities through our environmental science classes given to children from 6-12 years old. Already 200 children have attended our workshops and classes. We organized and participated in up to 100 events since 2016 to raise awareness through public conferences, charity events, fairs and festivals. Training in marine mammal research techniques are offered to national students of the University of Managua.

Objective 3 : Promote scientific research
Our project’s objective is to promote scientific research through the publication of peer-reviewed papers, participation in scientific conferences, creation of a citizen science network, and development of the future generation of marine scientists through our training program for national and international biologists. Since 2016, we have published three peer-reviewed papers, participated in ten conferences, developed a citizen science network of about 55 observers, and trained 35 early-career scientists.

Quelques mots sur nous

Our actions

The objectives/aims of the project are to :
1. Monitor the occurrence and distribution of humpback whales off the southwestern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua through a comprehensive Scientific Program

2. Increase awareness and understanding of the environment and promote its conservation amongst the community through a comprehensive Education Program

3. Recommend sustainable eco-tourism activities, waste management strategies, and conservation strategies for humpback whales to local stakeholders through a comprehensive Conservation Program

Vos dons font nos actions

Thanks to you

By collecting drops you support our three pillars of the project: science, education and conservation. The money is used to pay the staff and the materials needed for the implementation of our actions.
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212 days ago

Sea Snakes in Nicaragua

We are proud to say that we have contributed to the knowledge generated on the Yellow-bellied sea snake in Nicaragua.

Do not hesitate to learn more about it by clicking on our research paper's link

366 days ago

Dead animals in Nicaragua

Curious about the #marinemammals popping up in #Nicaragua? Check out our #brandspankingnew #openaccess article in Marine Biodiversity Records lead by Joëlle DW of Association ELI-S. We documented 13 strandings of #whales and #dolphins along the #Caribbean and #Pacific coasts of Nicaragua from 2014 to 2021. Networks of fishers and members of the public were key to gathering this crucial baseline...

381 days ago

Interview de Joëlle De Weerdt

Lisez l'article écrit par la fondation Jane Goodall Institute France sur notre directrice de projet Joëlle De Weerdt

386 days ago

Young Researcher Award - Jane Goodall Institute France

Project director Joëlle De Weerdt received the Young Researcher Award of the Jane Goodall Institute France for her research on humpback whales in Nicaragua.The project consists of combining scientific research with environmental education of local communities to ensure a balance between the needs of animals and human activities. Different actors in local communities, ranging from children to fishermen and decision-makers,...

386 days ago

Whales from Antarctica !

Our research revealed the presence of a second humpback whale population migrating from Antarctica. This discovery represents the northernmost record of humpback whales migrating from Antarctica.

30 days ago

Humpback Whale population trends in Central America and Mexico

Recent research was made in colaboration with our North American, Central American and Mexican colleagues on the NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS. In this paper we present an updated estimation on humpback whale abundance based on mathematical and statistical models. This helps to give us evaluate the population status and to make optimal management plans for their protection.

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